The Beauty of Velocity Village

This revolutionary new urban village is located in the heart of Sheffield, a pioneer of modern architecture in the city that provides residential and commercial housing solutions.

Sheffield has undergone a total change in the last few years and this development marks a modern integration of the living and work environment: what has been achieved is a stylish and affordable modern apartment that combines seamlessly into sophisticated office accommodation.

Constructed from acid washed concrete but largely exposed to steel and glass, the brightly-thought white ‘Le Corbusier’ style, shining in the sun brighten the landscape in an area because of its little aesthetic value – this is one of the biggest mixed use developments in Yorkshire.

Velocity Village avoids all pretensions to traditional domestic architecture; covering 2.5 hectares, and standing as high as 8 to 11 floors, the building design contrasts with the dominant red brick culture, which is scattered around the city.

It has several large features, with balconies at the main south-facing height surrounded by green solar glass grilles, known as ‘sunboxes’, allowing space to be used as open balconies in summer or closed to elements in winter. Enjoy a variety of rooms with a variety of sweetly arranged equipment in this one apartment. You can buy it or just rent it for your temporary layover location.